BADGACON 2018 is approaching, as always, it is on Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend,

in 2018 this is June 9th to June 11th.

Location : The Bendigo Club, 22 Park St Bendigo

Facebook Event for the Con:    FB event link

Player Packs for Kings of War, Bolt Action, Walking Dead, Dropfleet are here :   Google Drive Folder link.


Timetable and FaceBook event links:


Age of Sigmar : June 9th and 10th (with thanks to Measured Gaming)

FB event link

One Drive Link for Player Pack


Bolt Action : June 9th

FB Event link


DropFleet Commander  : June 10th :


Mantic’s The Walking Dead, All Out War : June 10th

-100pts Survivor groups :  FB link


Kings of War : June 11th

FB Event Link


Team Yankee : June 11th

FB Event Link


General D’Armee particpation game : June 10th-11th